Monday, January 21, 2013

What if entire congregations did this?

The link above is to a NY Times article about a single individuals and the changes that happened to his business because he was brave enough to undertake a thorough self-examination. Further in the article there is information about research that supports what he did.

My question....what would/could happen if entire congregations did this? As therapists we are constantly challenging people to make a fearless self-examination. Look at your biases. How are they holding your congregation back? Look at your failures and see what you can learn. Talk between members to learn about each other - much like the self-talk that happens to a person when they are self-examining.

Tradition is good, but can it be holding the church back? Are there parts of your religious tradition that only work for those who have been a part of it? Look at the iconography in traditional churches. How many people in the pews can actually say what the icon represents, why it was chosen and by what demographic?

Thought provoking article.....thoughts from you?

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